Rt Hon Theresa May MP: “Putting equality at the heart of the government”

Posted: May 15, 2010 in Blogs

On May 12th 2010, the Prime Minister appointed Rt Hon Theresa May MP as Minister for Women and Equality in addition to her appointment as Home Secretary.

Well, gee Theresa May. You might consider starting with social inequalities and the media battery of equality and feminism. Might I suggest article 6395879: “Women Less Happy After 40 Years of Feminism”, it’s on the Times Online website, sitting pretty as an ice cold reminder of existing social and cultural problems affecting gender equality.

For starters, just because I got my rights with thanks to Rosie the Riveter doesn’t mean I am equal to my male counterparts. Just because women have more access to the professional realm today, doesn’t mean they’re getting equal pay and treatment, or even that they’re necessarily getting any less responsibility at home (by the way, stats on men pitching in to the second shift please?).

Just because women have control over their own money doesn’t mean that capitalism as well as the media don’t try to commodify their bodies. Just because women have the right to vote, doesn’t mean that they are represented equally to men in the houses of parliament. I can’t imagine the Rt Hon Theresa May MP drooling over the meaning of ‘the distribution of labour’ when she is handling both precarious roles, along with caring for and chasing after the kids post- 9am-8pm shift, cooking dinner, cleaning house.. smiling.

Have expectations of women changed much since the 1970’s movement? Must I still strive to be Responsible? Smart? Successful? Sophisticated? Sexy? Accommodating, nurturing, purposeful, diligent, inhumanly polite, delightful, delighted? What? Ha! Women, really!

Equality isn’t just a feminine term, come on guys, you know this as well as we do, stereotypes are rife! What does it mean to be a man? Or a woman? Define!

Equality is most definitely not glamourous, or romantic. These new heels fit fine, but the old sores still sting. This is why we need to look at the old, superficial way of viewing equality that is devouring itself lickety-split. It is up to this generation to design for ourselves a contemporary model of equality, and it all starts with changing the way we view each other, as people.

Good luck Madame Home Secretary, Minister for Women and Equality Rt Hon Theresa May MP, you have your work cut out for you.

  1. Squire says:

    Tricky. I think it’ll take a few generations yet to start putting a worthwhile crack in the glass ceiling.

    The good news, is that there are more and more hammering away at that ceiling every day.

  2. kittycrozier says:

    Yes, but what has she done in the time she has occupied that role? NOTHING MUCH. It is such a shame.. what wasted power.

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