Artist Faye Halsall: A Review

Posted: September 21, 2011 in Uncategorized


She calls it CasaBlanca.  It has a kaleidoscopic, rich, spirited and vivacious quality reading full of vim and vigor that wildly records a dreamy and abstract reality.

Faye Halsall is a dynamic Manx Artist, born and bred in Douglas.  Faye’s talent lies safely in watercolours, but her work with oil pastels has created pieces of art beyond the barriers of colour vibrancy and vivacity.

Her striking images on canvas are fiery and effervescent.  The beautiful, bold imperfect perfections in her artistic style host a captivating and lively energy.  That demanding exuberance would stop the most traditional art lover in his accustomed tracks.

Faye’s playful and spirited pieces are true visually buoyant conceptualisations of her zestful and passionate personality.

This artist seems to have a love of visually rewriting the laws of physics and biology in her visualisations of people, flowers and cityscapes.  Changing Mother Nature’s pallet on a whim to support still frame snippets of her harlequin mind.

In her recently sold ‘Flutterbys’, Faye shows her skills at their most brilliant and bold.  ‘Flutterbys’ depicts vividly arresting colours, patterns and fiery shapes in greens, gold, reds, blues, creams and pinks, swirling, launching and flowering across the canvas with purposeful collusion.

‘Flutterbys’ looks like a metaphysical dream, with what seems to be the shape of a human in awe or shock at a surrounding pandemonium of colour.

Faye’s ‘Fuchsia’ offers something different, a remarkable flower and bud, showering the page with a fiercely hot red against tranquil greens and blues.  Uncharacteristically, Faye’s hyperbolical understanding of this natural juxtaposition harmonises to create a bewitching and beguiling piece of art.

Faye is currently a member of the Isle of Man Arts Society and a contributor to joint & group exhibitions both on and off Island.  Her unique artistic style is a treasure to behold, I look forward to seeing her solo show toward the end of the year.

Here, on the Isle of Man, we have artists waiting to be heard, ideas waiting for a chance to detonate, we have talented, experienced amateur and professional avant-garde artists with the gusto and creative genius to produce inspirational work.

Check out Faye Halsall’s full collection at:


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