About Kitty

Me, I am a heavy book reading, music passionate, photograph taking, feminist writer with more balls than a Sony Bravia ad.  My life, currently, consists of thoughts, ideas and avant-garde thinking that I haven’t been able to display in 3D HD quality as of yet.  How frustrating.  Though, admittedly, passion for my thoughts enables me to write the first draft of my novel tolerably well.

I have been writing since childhood, but found a love of media in college, I began studying my Public Relations BA (Hons) degree course in 2005 and found myself thriving in the PR environment, but something was wanting.  In remedy to this missing piece of the puzzle, I commenced studying an International Journalism at MA level at UCLAN, I graduate this year.  My love of writing has from the bud, flourished into full flower this year, I am now writing two historical fiction novels and exerting my skills in photography daily, which fills my life with rapture.

Thank you for taking interest.

  1. Squire says:

    You’re a feminist with balls? Nice image!

  2. kittycrozier says:

    Ha ha! Of course! More of a modern day feminist though, so basically of a more gender equality mind 😉

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